IMAOFFICE.COM  Provides premier Concierge Assistance, World-class Office Interior Designing & Office Space Planning Services across India & Offering Office Furnitures in India with customer's satisfaction. IMA OFFICE - A venture - provides services for Space planning in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata & across India.  IMA OFFICE - The Premier Concierge Assist, World Class Office Decor and Smart Space Planner & Office Furniture Expert in India. We, at IMA OFFICE - A venture, provide Office Space Planning & Office Decor services for Office design from Govt Offices to Private Offices across India. We are providing our Smart Office Planning & Interior Decor services with our Expertise in Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, and all other cities across India.  IMA OFFICE - The Smart Office Planner in India - A Wedent Group venture of Office Interior Design & Decoration and Office Space Planning. 

Our Services 

Specializing in Office Interior Design and Space Planning, IMA Office is a leading service provider in India offering the best quality in Office Decor, Office Space Planning, Office Furniture Expertise, Home Interior Design, Concierge assistance and support.

A joint venture between and, we cover all of India including Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Jaipur, Kolkata.

Our services are available to both Government and Private clients who are interested in Smart Office Planning, Office Space Planning, Office Decor, Office Design, Home Interior Design, and Premier Concierge Assistance and Support.

The best in Smart Office Planning:

Office Interior Design:

Our experts provide the best quality Interior Design for your Offices whatever your necessities may be. Available throughout the country, we deliver the best quality designs that cover all your basic needs and more. And for professionals who require special assistance, our team is always willing to assist with fulfilling all your needs.

Office Furniture Design:

Whether you are a vendor or a professional, you will find that our Office Furniture Designs offer undisputed quality and high quality comfort that suits your needs and offers full functionnality. Office Furniture Vendors:

For Office Furniture Vendors, we supply the best quality Office Furniture that covers all the professional necessities and technical requirements of today's Advanced Offices. Whether you supply Private or Public clients with Office Furniture, you will undoubtedly find that our offers stand out from the crowd with an exquisite taste and high level of comfort and functionality.

Bank Interior Design:

If you are looking for an Interior Design for your office that has special security requirements, then you have certainly come to the right place. Offering cutomized designs, suitable for all purposes, our experts will amaze you with their abilities and talent that withstands all challenges in terms of Design and Functionnality for your everyday professional needs. Shopping Mall Design:

For larger Spaces, we offer our clients the best in terms of space arrangement and Interior Design for exposition of their goods. First quality Shopping Mall Designs will deliver all your needs in the best fashionable manner. Available throughout the country, our teams are willing to listen to all your needs and fulfil them with extreme care and professionalism.

Home Interior Design:

For private and public clients who are interested in Home Interior Design, our Design specialists are ready to cater your needs in order to bring the light to your home and help you find the best furniture arrangements for your everyday comfort. Whether you would like to redesign the Interior of your Home or if you plan to acquire a new mansion, our experts are always willing to listen to your requests to offer designs that match your taste.

Premier Concierge Services & Assistance in India: 

In partnership with, we offer special catering servicing from Group Tours, to Business VIP Meetings for VIPs, Celebrities, and Business Delegates. Premier Concierge Assist, in partnership with IMA Office & Home, caters your special Touring Needs by providing you with all the necessities and covering all your needs. We take care of restaurant reservations, arrange transportation, help you organize parties and celebrations, assist with ceremonies and food catering services, place reservations for special events at Theatres, Cinemas, and Concerts for groups and individuals alike. Our Concierge services also help you find the right garments for the occasion, and offer special guided visits to local attractions, Movie Theatres, Concerts, and Theatrical Events.

Transportation Services:

Our Concierge Services provide you with all your local transportation requirements. Whether you need to book a limo for a special event, need transportation to and from an airport, make a flight reservation nationally or internationally, or even assistance with obtaining a visa to another country, we are always here to offer you with the best options available.

Wedding Ceremony Services:

For newly weds, we are certainly glad to be of service. Assisting with special personalized shopping and customized trousseau shopping services for the bride and groom’s family, planning the wedding ceremony itself, and offering honeymoon packages, you will find that we cater all your special services with attention and care. We cover everything from the Bridal gown to the Hair Stylist.

Special Needs:

Whether you need to store luggage, plan a party or a wedding at a Hotel, book a Private Jet or a Luxury Car, a Hall, or banquet services, we can assist you with your special needs for individuals, groups, and VIPs alike. We also provide interpreter services to foreign clients and guests.